Do I Change My Name?

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While  “Kickin’ it with Karen: Beyond Sauerkraut” is a great YouTube channel name, is it a strong BRAND name? For YouTube, once you have seen and digested the channel name: “Kickin’ it with Karen: Beyond Sauerkraut” – you will NEVER forget it.

People on YouTube cannot help themselves and have to ask, “Why Beyond Sauerkraut?” or, “How did you pick your channel name?”. There is usually some back and forth about probiotics and sauerkraut and how, “I go Beyond Sauerkraut and ferment all kinds of things to build my gut health and immunity”. But while this makes sense for drawing a niche audience to my channel, does it make sense for BRANDING where I am coming to you as my genuine self and all I that I have to offer?

I want to offer: Gluten Free, Probiotic, and Natural Solutions for your health and wellbeing. I think the SAUERKRAUT (though good for the gut) is holding me back.

So what about the “Kickin’ it with Karen” part of the brand. Well, it doesn’t sound like it fits the profile. It needs to be simpler, easier and just fall off the tongue – two words, just two words.

Knowing that “Gluten Free, Probiotic, and Natural Solutions” will be the focus of the brand, what are your 2 word ideas for my BRAND name?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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1 thought on “Do I Change My Name?

  1. Keep the name if your brand grows. Otherwise: Naturally Karen.


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