Challenging Myself – 2019

What’s Next?

Lately, I have been considering “what I want to be when I grow up”. This feels like a year of growth and change. I actually feels like I am about to blossom, but I don’t really know what has prompted this; perhaps it is the beginning of a mid-life crisis. Do people even have those anymore? I mean, what is a mid-life anyway?

No one outside of my immediate circle knows this, but in six years my husband I are going to sell everything, get in an RV and chase 75 degrees and breezy until the end of our days. That’s right. My plan is to retire from the school system early, throw away the keys to conventional living and become a vagabond. Family members question us, “Your going to LIVE in an RV? How are you going to SURVIVE? How are you going to make MONEY?!” It’s always the same questions over and over with an incredulous look of shock and disbelief.

Here we are at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville 2019 . We plan to go back someday – IN OUR RV!

Yes. This is the plan. But this in itself takes a LOT of planning. Having been food insecure in my 20’s, I have a natural tendency to worry about money. So much so, sometimes it’s even difficult for me to look at our household finances. However, having BEEN food insecure makes me look at this upcoming situation like a puzzle with the main puzzle piece asking myself the question that others have asked of us “How am I going to make money?”

Thankfully six years is a good amount of time to figure this out. This is the reason I am doing what I am doing now when I am not at work. I blog and I am a burgeoning YouTuber – well, maybe not burgeoning – lets say “budding” YouTuber. My channel is new and growing slowly but surely. This leads me to set goals and challenge myself to meet them.


I like what I call my rule of two. I choose a small list of things that I challenge myself to do two times a week that will either grow my YouTube Channel, grow my blog, or help me grow personally.

Here’s my CHALLENGE list so far:

  1. Shoot 2 videos 2 days a week (2 on Saturday & 2 on Sunday)
  2. Post 2 videos a week (Tuesday and Thursday)
  3. Complete 2 blog posts a week.

For now. This will do. It seems small, but considering I have a full time job and do after school activities until 4:30 – and meetings after that, this is no small feat. This will be a real challenge and more than anything, push me to become a better writer, a more consistent YouTuber and a more reflective person.

What will you do to challenge yourself in 2019? Do you think you could make a list and follow the RULE of TWO? I’m interested in how you will challenge yourself this calendar year?. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

As always,  thank you for coming by to read this. I’d like to grow my readership. If you enjoyed this blog post, add a comment and share it with a friend. 😀 Please visit, subscribe and like my YouTube channel Kickin’ it with Karen: Beyond Sauerkraut to find more things I’ve made.

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