Contemplating My Next Project

Back in the beginning of December, I was boo-hooing and  lamenting in my post  about my Thanksgiving Blues. I stated, “I have a cabbage waiting for me, ready to be turned into sauerkraut. Not just any sauerkraut, but an Apple Jalapeño Red Sauerkraut. I have Apple Ginger and Orange Ginger Beet Kvass waiting to be bottled. I have a batch of Apple Cider Vinegar that is ready to be placed in a secondary fermentation vessel. And it’s Kombucha time! I am ready to make some Pomegranate Kombucha (TO DIE FOR!!!). Oh, and lets not forget the Fermented Green Chili Sauce -SOOOOOOOO GOOD!” I had so many good projects waiting and so little time to complete them all.

As I look at that list, I see that I have accomplished much of it, but not allthat I had hoped. I have made the Apple Jalapeño Sauerkraut and it was DELICIOUS. I have made the Apple Ginger and the Golden Ginger Turmeric Beet Kvass. The Apple Ginger Beet Kvass was perfectly sweet, savory and salty!  This past weekend I rescued the Kombucha that I was supposed to make back in August (2018). The Golden Ginger Turmeric Beet Kvass comes out of the hopper, and I have a green sauerkraut  and a Fiery Fermented Carrot slaw  ready for tasting this weekend. I can’t wait! Along with that, I need to bottle my Apple Cider Vinegar and make a new batch.  Finally, from the list, I bought my Jalapeño’s for my Fermented Green Chili Sauce and Fermented Chopped Chilis .

But what to do next? I need to make some chicken stock. My chicken stock is made with chicken feet.Yes, I said chicken feet! Chicken feet make the most collagen rich and flavorful stock I have ever tasted.

I also want to make some lotion bars that are all the rage in the blogosphere and on YouTube. There are plenty of recipes out there that I could experiment with. I want to, but do I NEED to work on this project? If I think about where I live and the needs of my household,   I think more appropriate would be for me me to make HAND Salve for my poor husbands cracked knuckles. I guess I just answered my own question. So (besides the Nashville post I keep promising) I guess the list for the next two to three weeks will be:

  1. Golden Ginger Turmeric Beet Kvass
  2. Green Sauerkraut
  3. Fiery Fermented Carrot Slaw
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar
  5. Green Chili Sauce and Fermented Chopped Chilis
  6. Chicken Foot Chicken Stock
  7. Hand Salve
  8. Lotion Bars – for an experiment.
I think this is a good plan. Hey folks, besides this, what would you like to see me make. I welcome your suggestions and look forward to the challenge.
As always,  thank you for coming by to read this. I’d like to grow my readership. If you enjoyed this blog post, add a comment and share it with a friend. 😀 Please visit, subscribe and like my YouTube channel Kickin’ it with Karen: Beyond Sauerkraut to find more things I’ve made.

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