Post Christmas Stress Disorder – DIY Rice Heat Packs

Kickin’ it with Karen: Beyond Sauerkraut

How on Earth is Christmas over already? I was just doing the countdown to winter break and BAM! Just like that 6 days have past, and Christmas is all over. Another one done. It was a whirlwind.

I always look forward to the holiday season and especially Christmas because I like to give and get gifts. I’m not going to lie! I love receiving gifts. I LIKE PRESENTS. But what I like more is making homemade gifts and giving them away. This year, I made a variety of things: Macha Tea Soap, Mint Flavored Lip Balm, Orange Mint Hand Salve,  and my favorite, Lavender Scented Reusable Rice Heat Packs. I will add a post on how to make the hand salve in the next couple of weeks. Today, I want to focus on the Reusable Rice Heat Packs.

Why would I use a rice pack over an electric one? First, the rice pack will mold to whatever body part you put it on. It will drape easily around the neck, hang down your shoulder to your mid-back, it will rest nicely on your abdomen and provide a little pressure as well as warmth. With a rice pack, you can heat it up to your desired temperature – not just low, medium, and high.  Rice packs are cost effective too. You aren’t burning through electricity heating it up. You just have to heat it in the microwave for 45 seconds and your good to go for about 45 minutes. All you need is rice and some tube shaped thing to put it in. That’s it. So let’s do this:

A Sock
A large mixing bowl
A large plastic spoon (Optional)
A wide mouth funnel (Optional)

2+ cups of rice

Essential oil of choice (Optional). I use lavender because it is purported to help relieve anxiety, depression and pain (WebMD).  It’s calming and soothing.

Since this was a gift, I went out an bought some mens size 6-10 crew/tube socks (100% cotton) so that I wouldn’t be giving away my old threadbare stray socks that should have seen the recycling bin 6 years ago.  I also bought a large bag of rice. Altogether, not including the essential oil (I already had that), I spent $6 on what would become 6 gifts. A dollar a gift – that’s not bad.

If you are using essential oil, put your rice in the mixing bowl and sprinkle 10-20 drops of essential oil on it. Use your hand or a large spoon to mix it in and evenly distribute it throughout the rice.

Place your sock in a large jar, I use a 1/2 gallon mason jar. Have the opening of the sock at the top and fold it over the rim of the jar.

Place your (optional) large mouth funnel in the jar and begin ladling (or pouring) in your rice.

Fill the sock with the rice and tie a knot right above the heel. 

You can use this rice pack for both hot and cold relief. Put it in the freezer for an hour and you have a flexible (r)Ice pack that will stay cool for up to an hour. Put it in the microwave for 45 seconds, and you have a heating pad that will stay hot for 30 to 45 minutes before you have to reheat it.

As goofy as it looks, it really is quite effective.  It’s just the right weight and holds the heat quite well. It is soothing and perfect to help you relax after the busy Christmas season. The lavender is perfect to help relieve the stress and tension  built up from all the gift making and holiday cooking.

I hope you try this simple DIY stress and pain relieving rice bag. I know you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. Enjoy.

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